Comfort Zones and the Act of Stepping Out of Them

In Dorchester (a neighborhood in Boston) there is a shop that I've been in love with since it opened its doors in 1980. It's the type of place that you make a special trip to for the sole purpose of being within its walls. They're painted lilac at the moment and are bursting at the seams with loveliness. It began as more or less as garden center but has since blossomed - get it? - into a gorgeous place that rivals even the best layout in a Martha Stewart magazine. The name of this incredible place is Cedar Grove Gardens. And what makes them even more fantastic on this windy, rainy day is that they became my first wholesale account! I stepped out of my comfort zone, displayed my wares to the very approachable buyer and she placed an order - right then and there. It wasn't scary at all. I think I could do it again. Pin It

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