A Little Spot of Color

Yesterday I didn't work on anything except developing a new cane with some rich spring colors. It's hard to imagine that spring's on its way when the forecast for today is snow showers and tomorrow promises to be below 0°. But at the moment the sun is shining! I love working with canes. A cane is a log of clay with a design running throughout so that if you were to slice the clay at any point in the log - the same design would appear. It took me about 6 hours to build the design and about an hour to shrink down the clay. I was only working with about 3/4 lb. of clay though - the large ones take much more time than that. Working on an organic design rather than working it out on paper first is so much more satisfying to me. After all that tedious work it's a nice end to the day to see what patterns start to form as the slices are put together in different formations. Pin It

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