Spring Giveaway!

You may have heard me say it 10 or 20 times already but I hate winter. So to celebrate the fact that spring is officially only a month away (I know it's still snows and is still cold until practically July 4th around here - but I need a light at the end of the tunnel, ok!!?) I'm having a contest to see who will win my newest creation - a WishChick. Fresh from the oven, she's as cute as can be. She'll hold your keys for you too. 

My version of a Japanese Daruma doll, this little lady has a secret compartment. Pull (no yanking please) on the little bead at the bottom and the winner will find a message from Boston Baked Beads inside. Write down your wish and store it inside your lucky charm and wait for it to come true. 

My wish would be that winter ends soon!

The rules are simple:
The contest will run from now until  March 20. You can earn entries for commenting, or posting about the giveaway. At the end of the month I’ll draw 1 name as the winner of the WishChick.
You will earn one entry for every comment you leave here at Boston Baked Blog up until March 19. This can be on any post on the blog. It has to be relative to the topic at hand. No spam. I have the right to decide whether or not it counts! In the body of the comment you have to identify yourself and leave an email address - otherwise I won't be able to keep track, got it?

If you have a (legitimate) blog of your own, post about the giveaway, Boston Baked Blog or Boston Baked Beads and you'll receive 5 extra points. But you have to let me know! This is a one shot deal - I'd love it if you rambled on endlessly day after day about Boston Baked Beads - but sorry I can only give you a total of 5 extra entries.
And if you get me a mention in a newspaper or magazine, a guest spot on the David Letterman Show or the opportunity to sing the National Anthem at Fenway's Opening Day  - I'll give you 6 extra entries - maybe 7 for the anthem thingy, I haven't decided yet. 
Keep checking back daily because there might just be a few hints on how to earn an extra entry or two from time to time.

Have fun and Good Luck! 

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Boston Baked Beads said...

Come on - don't be afraid, just leave a comment!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog, adding to my daily read !!

Boston Baked Beads said...

Thank you Daily Muse...I shall do the same!

Anonymous said...

just found you!!! love love LOVE your stuff!!! keep it going and good luck =)

Boston Baked Beads said...

Thank you anonymous! I wish you'd left your info so I could enter you in the Giveaway...but I won't be able to reach you if you win! Thanks for your nice comments.

sissboobah said...

I love the wishchicks!