confectionary crosses

We've had three opportunities in my house to celebrate a First Holy Communion. All three with the white dress - no veil. The first dress - cream color, no puff - it looked like a little Chanel suit. Cropped jacket, A-line dress, with little squash heels. Adorable and represented my oldest daughter perfectly. My middle daughter, by choice, simply wore her older sister's dress with a few alterations. A tomboy at the time, it was amazing she wore a dress at all. My third daughter, on the other hand, would have worn Princess Diana's wedding gown if it were available. The puffier the better, crisp white, beads - no veil, white patent leather shoes. Gloves? Don't remember. Three years later and she'll still throw it on in a heartbeat.The girl loves dresses, what can I say.

With that little girlie girl in mind, it inspired me to create some cute little crosses from polymer clay for the upcoming communion season. Each little one decorated individually. They remind me of little petit fours -so much fun to decorate. Pin It

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