the weekend is here

Yesterday, I spent most of the day poring over a new cane for the line of mini pendants I'm trying to develop. I had an idea at the beginning of the day. A heart. But I didn't want to make the heart too cliche so I thought I'd try and glam it up a bit. Turning the crank on my pasta maker summons a chorus of squeaks from the old recycled barn board fake antique poser dining room table I have it attached to (until I can get back out to my studio in about a week!) The 5 and a half hours of this grating noise coupled with the end result which was not at all what I envisioned left me drained. My glammed up heart looked more like a fuschia altered states pollywog. Are those supposed to be breasts asked my 10 year old. I went to bed defeated.

Clay induced stress? I wonder if it's a condition listed in the New England Journal of Medicine?

This morning I faced the weighty decision of throwing in the towel and starting a new design or trying to fix the one I started. Kind of like when you're trying to determine whether your hair is salvageable or do you need to jump in the shower and start from scratch avoiding the gamble of a bad hair day. I rolled the dice and revamped the pollywog incorporating it into the new heart design with a vivid palette. And I'm very happy with it. I guess you can't go wrong with a classic. Pin It

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