tie dye and sunshine

Family commitments have me away from my studio for the week. Yesterday I spent the day with my girls tackling a project that has been in my procrastination pile for some time. We've been working on a family room in our basement on and off for the past year. The seating is made up of a mismatched collection of couches and chairs so in order to tie them together we bought loose slip covers - but they were pretty boring. The colors in the family room are turquoise, lime green, periwinkle blue and purple - pretty vibrant. So yesterday, in the warmth of the sunshine, we took on the monstrous task of tie dying the slip covers. This morning they're looking pretty great. Maybe I'll post a shot when it's all together. I'd love to figure out how to achieve a tie dye effect with polymer clay.

Meanwhile, here's an oldie but goodie. One of my faves - this classic bracelet is reversible and the colors are neutral. It's a simple design but there's just something about I really love! Pin It

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