keep on truckin'

Whew - after that post yesterday, let me just say that I haven't given up - I'm just venting. It's a struggle to support oneself through art. The morning after I had that banner evening where I made the two sales I received notice that I was accepted into a juried event in September. The afterglow of the utter disappointment caused me to question whether or not this was a good thing. My glass half empty outlook pictures me standing there in an idle booth as wind and rain whips past me - dust and cobwebs sprouting all over my wares...Okay, that's impossible - the wind and rain would clean that up in an instant. But my more positive side says - Hey! What do you have to lose? So, I'm banking on a beautiful sunny early fall day, with people excited to see what all of the talented vendors have to offer. And of course, I'd like to make more than three sales. Wish me luck at the Art in the Park event in Charlestown, MA on September 11, at City Square Park. Pin It

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