working with canes in polymer clay

So I made some beads with the new cane. I first tried kaleidoscope beads because that's the most fun for me - seeing what the three unique designs will be when I fit the pieces together. I traditionally make triangle canes - especially if I plan on making kaleidoscope beads. Well...I didn't even bother taking photos - they just looked all murky with weird pops of reds and pinks out of nowhere. They looked overly toasted because of that forest green I chose to use. You really have to work on the contrast when building canes because if you don't when you shrink them you lose all definition. And this is why I need to start being more patient - allowing myself several days on a cane instead of trying to squeeze it into one. Carol Simmons is the most amazing kaleidoscope cane artist - I'll bet she's extremely patient and takes the time to work the colors properly. Her site's been under construction for quite a while now. You can learn more about her on Polymer Clay Daily. Anyway, just for the fun of it I added some little pops of color that I felt needed a little help. These beads are kinda cute - not my usual work. But not a total loss. 

I will build a new cane and I will be patient...next week. Pin It

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