C'mon Irene

I guess I've never really had a knack for timing. So it's not a surprise to find that the only large outdoor, out of state, weekend long craft show event that I'm planning on attending this year happens to be the exact same weekend that Irene has decided to pay us a visit. I try to avoid tallying the costs associated with this event and concentrate on the fact that maybe, just maybe there's a chance that the hurricane could blow out to sea  - although highly unlikely because it has now moved further west than east. As of this moment the Newport Arts Festival is still scheduled to run, on the waterfront in downtown Newport RI at the yacht club. I can just see it now all the crafters and musicians jockeying for position while people are trying to get their million dollar yachts out of the water to safety.  It's the boaters vs. the craftspeople vs. Irene - who will win? Find out Sunday at 11. Pin It

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Cara Jane said...

I hope the craftspeople win! All the best.