i've officially given up

It's so hard to let go sometimes. One of my favorite little bezels to work with is pictured in the lower right hand corner of the photo on the left. The small size and the shiny finish were so appealing. There was a texture on the inside which gripped the polymer clay canes. A small hole in the back of the little charm also provided extra hold. They were ideal. Unfortunately they were discontinued. But I've been searching and calling - asking old shop owners to dig into the dusty corners of their storage rooms to see if they have any left behind. I haven't had any success. If I were to write an epitaph I'd say - "This bezel was perfect. Hung on an 18" sterling chain, it was the ideal piece of jewelry to take from dungarees and a tee shirt to a night on the town. You will be missed." So I've been on the prowl for a close second. I recently found a small piece that I can substitute. It doesn't have the shine. I certainly wouldn't pair it with a sterling chain but it does look pretty awesome on a ball chain - one of my favorite materials to work with. So at least we've covered the tee shirt and jeans factor.  Pin It

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