What a nice surprise. Due to the comparably mild winter we've been having up here in the NorthEast I haven't had much reason to wear winter jackets. I pulled one out yesterday while preparing for a long walk on the windy beach. I put my hand in the pocket to discover a bunch of beads that went missing last spring. (Guess I didn't really put much effort into their recovery.) Yahoo! - these little suckers are very time consuming. 

Another version using a different palette
I made an original heart mold for uniformity. I create the body out of white Sculpy and then bake them. I then individually decorate them with veneers made from coordinating canes. Then bake. Sand with 400 grit, 800 grit, 1000 grit sandpaper. Buff to a high shine - love that look. Add embellishments like swarovski crystal and micro glass beads. String with sterling beads – and enjoy.   Pin It


Roberta said...

They are really beautiful. I love the bracelet.

averilpam said...

They are gorgeous, love the colour combinations :)

Cristina said...