perfect for a tanned wrist

Last Friday I taught a young group of birthday revelers to create "candy" bracelets using swirl beads. This triggered my desire to get back to the clay after having been painting and printmaking for weeks. Come Tuesday morning though I wasn't feeling very into it. Life is taxing — like when you're 17 year old tells you she just bounced your family car off someone else's fender, grrrrr — so trying to be creative on demand isn't always easy. When this happens I turn to production. I work on projects that require a particular skill rather than trying to invent something new. Extrusion beads are perfect for these times. Quickly one can get lost in the fun of jamming a chosen palette of clay into the extruder gun - and cranking til the polymer extrudes. My mind on the sun and sand I thought these denim looking beads offset with the sparkle of sterling dipped spacers would look really good on a tanned wrist — what do you think?  
Have a good one - don't forget the Dads!

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Cara Jane said...

yes they will look great on a tanned wrist!