goldie my ear

These very lightweight mod earrings remind me of something Goldie Hawn would wear while go-go dancing on Laugh-In. Wow, did I just age myself or what. The sixties made quite a fashion statement. I recall as a little girl looking through a Life magazine that featured a spread on fashion. Models sporting maxi skirts, halter tops and mini skirts - must've been on the cusp of the 70's I guess. Last season a woman came in to purchase a pair because they went so well with her dress from Desigual - love that! 

Tonight's the holiday soiree at HomeGrwon Arts and Crafts at 285 St. George St. in Duxbury from 6-9pm. You'll receive 10% off every purchase and paid order including all Boston Baked Beads jewelry and accessories. I hope you'll get a chance to stop by!

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