git off my back...please

Ugh - has any one out there noticed the influx of websites and blogs devoted to teaching creatives how to find their way, stay on course, Get Organized!, wRite A bUsiNesS PlaN, MAXimize your impact, minimize your efforts, linkin,  sign up , navigate this, strategize that...all of for the low price of $$$, of course. Boy, I didn't realize I was in such dire need of help. No one knows my work load better than I. My roadblocks are my own whether valid or simply a reason to procrastinate - more often caused by a desire for perfection rather than apathy. Sometimes I just need to hold off - to let a few kinks work themselves out - before I can proceed. It works for me, how about you? You can have that bucket of insight for free by the way.

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

and I appreciate it ;)

Cara Jane said...

yes I have! Hundreds of them. They can be so convincing that we need help too! I like your thinking about finding your own way.