luck o' the irish

I'm up early on this Saturday morning. My house is nice and quiet...for the  moment. I think I'll savor it for awhile. Yesterday I received a nice mention from Cynthia Tinapple on Polymer Clay Daily regarding my scalloped heart cane - thank you! I missed it entirely when I perused over the post in the morning. What a nice surprise to find it! When I'm making these simple/complex canes I'm trying to think two steps ahead of myself. (I'll tell you about a problem I hadn't considered when I post a shot of the reduced heart cane on Monday.) I reworked the outer edge on this shamrock cane to separate the yellow from the purple. If I didn't add a thin white strip between the two colors I would probably get an undesired brown. Of course I didn't think of this until I had completed the work. So I undid and reworked but I'm glad I took the time instead of getting some disappointing results.

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