this stopped being fun 4 days ago

My daughter told me she learned recently that if you found yourself starving to death in the desert, you would start to crave things like brain and marrow. I guess you revert to your most primitive state and these tempting morsels contain the most nutritional value. Right about now, starved creatively, I am fantasizing about calligraphy nibs and ink. Sucking off some free wi-fi miles from home, I'm dying to get back to the studio today to burn off some energy. I have power there – clearly a luxury in my little town at the moment. My home is one of thousands still without since last Friday. Did you know that if the temperature inside a home is a mere 3 degrees lower than the temperature outdoors you'll get condensation on the inside of your windows, just like in your car. My house is not equipped with a defroster however. With any luck, it'll all be over soon. In the meantime, enjoy Mardi Gras.

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