big cartel vs. etsy

I list some of my products on Etsy. The upside is that there's a decent amount of traffic that comes through...not necessarily buyers – but it's nice to be part of a community that appreciates each other's work. I don't get a chance to get on it too much. It's definitely one of those sites where you could lose yourself for hours. Which brings me to the downside. Potential clients get lost in there! Lured by the promise of fun product linked from the website they've been perusing - one thing leads to another and they've gone from polymer clay jewelry to vintage headbands to silkscreened prints... you get the picture. It is however pretty useful for one of a kind pieces and it's very inexpensive. I'd say for me it doesn't generate a ton of sales but it's a decent marketing tool.

I just recently subscribed to Big Cartel. I've had my eye on this site for quite a while and jumped in the other day. They provide templates that can be customized fairly easily. And with some knowledge of coding  - one can really tailor the look of their online shopping site to their exact specifications. I plan on tackling that project over the next month or two but am pretty happy with the pristine look I've got happening at the moment. I'll be adding more product soon - hint: bracelets. Just waiting for my newest samples to arrive from the caster. 

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