Boston - You're my Home

I'm back after being in South Carolina for the week. It was surreal to be so far from home while greater Boston was going through the ordeal it had. This event has reminded us as to how comfortable we are with the general political atmosphere we have here - not thinking about bombings and devastation on a daily basis. In that respect we are extremely fortunate and at times like these it's inspiring to witness the patriotism that is awakened throughout the nation. On a magnified level - the outpouring of support for the victims of the bombings in the smaller communities in and around Boston is heartening. My hometown of Dorchester, a neighborhood within Boston, is home to the Richard family that suffered such casualties it's impossible to fathom how this poor family will get through the aftermath. Knowing Dorchester as I do - this community filled with an abundance of love and all around incredible people will aid in the healing - doing everything they can to lighten the load. My heart goes out to all of the victims of the Boston Marathon tragedy as well as the people in Waco, Texas who also experienced a devastating week. God bless.

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