Sara Campbell

Last night I met Sara Campbell. (Warning: Her website doesn't do justice to her incredible clothes.) She hosted a group of female creatives from the group Boston Design Salon in her shop on Plympton St. in Boston's South End. Sara has over 30 years experience in the women's apparel business. Her colorful frocks are gorgeous - I wanted one of everything. A small gathering due to the recent events in Boston, the 12 or so of us chatted about the ins and outs of trying to get a design business off the ground.  But it wasn't about shopping last night. For three hours we listened to each other's stories about successes and failures, production headaches, wholesale vs. retail and more. The variety of businesses represented were so intriguing from hand dyed shibori tee shirts to beautifully reproduced luxury wall murals. But the beauty of it all was the brutal honesty with which everyone spoke. Sara could've safely hid behind our perceived vision of effortless success that we all assume must be the case if you run 10 retail shops as she does. But she let us in to her world and shared the lesson that it's very hard work that comes with both doubts and absolute bliss. It was just what I needed to hear. We're all in the same boat - trying to figure out what works. 
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