Must Love Dogs

"Psst, hey you!", I heard the threatening whisper. I ignored it - or at least tried. It pressed up against the door - fighting to get out. Stalking me. Taunting me from it's dark enclosure, "I'm getting bigger by the minute and if you don't do something about it  - well, you know what'll happen." When my studio was miles across town I was in control - I was the one that dictated who was boss. I surrendered. Waiving my white flag, which was actually a dirty dish towel – I gave in to the massive pile of laundry. This is exactly the trap I don't want to fall into. With my studio just steps from my back door I find myself - just throwing on a quick load, just filling up and running the dishwasher, see where I'm going.

I'm trying to steer this ship in a different direction quickly. It's okay to do those things – I guess – as long as you can stay focused. Focus is not my strong suit. A few years back I had a conversation with Claire Cook author of Must Love Dogs and many other books. She talked about her strict rule that before she did anything else she had to spend at least two hours writing. Sometimes this led to many more hours at her desk but often it led to nothing else. It was discipline however. Today I spent a a few hours in the studio. This was the result.
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