European adventure

I am on a house swapping vacation at the moment. My family and I have temporarily traded our home in Massachusetts with another family's home in Bordeaux. A great experience and affordable way to travel with a family if anyone out there's considering it.

We arrived in Madrid last Monday where we spent a whirlwind two days visiting with my oldest daughter and taking in the lifestyle of the bustling city. So beautiful and bright -Talk about the city that never sleeps!
Muy caliente! The temperature hovered at close to 100° all three days we were there - which makes those little sidewalk cafes all the more enticing. In the mornings we ate churros at a stunning old chocolateria. On our second night after spending the early evening walking through the Parque del Retiro we sipped on Sangria and ate a late, late night dinner of paella and tostas. Why not, everyone else was doing it!

On Wednesday we left Madrdid for the small beach town of Hendaya in France. I guess my mind was still on the windows of all the Spanish bakeries
because I got very excited when one of the train men dropped these off at our seats.

Alas, not so exciting after all. I don't know what I was thinking - perhaps a small gift?!

We arrived in Bordeaux safe and sound and spent the first full day just settling in. On Friday we spent the day in Lacanau - a beautiful surfer's beach. We didn't try our hand at surfing but my daughters may try it before our weeks are up. Saturday onto Bordeaux Center.

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