To Everything There is a Season...

Everyone has a favorite season. Mine happens to be summer. Since the day I returned from my 3 week sojourn I've witnessed many announce its demise. By the time I left on July 7 here in Massachusetts we had concluded our typical spring consisting of lots of cold wet weather, segued directly into early summer which usually brings more wet weather sprinkled with an occasional day of blistering heat and were easing nicely into a steady slow simmer. When I returned on July 30th I noticed that people were already writing off the season! Conversations were starting with "How was your summer?"  and ending with "Enjoy your summer...what's left of it!" C'mon folks - winter's are far too long here in the Northeast to be succumbing to a few crisp nights - the better for sleeping, my dear! Just because there's the temptation to put another log on the fire while toasting your marshmallows does not mean it's over! Do not rush the seasons...please.

It's a struggle for me to make way for the advancement of the calendar pages - allowing autumn to slowly creep in - one turning leaf at a time. But I'm getting ready for several retail shows this fall and am creating inventory. With the beautiful foliage that accompanies the season September and October are actually picturesque around here - it's what follows in January, February and March that I dread so much. If only the region would stay as bright and vibrant as these soon to be acorn pendants I'd manage nicely.

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