Is this What You'd Call a Blustery Day?

I borrowed this photo of the Codman Estate from the Historic New England website.
My tent was directly in front of the little urn pictured in front of the property.

Two years ago when Hurricane Irene paid a visit and wiped out the Newport Arts Festival I swore I wouldn't do another outdoor event. During a weak moment this past spring I decided I'd take another shot when I heard about Historic New Englands Craft festivals. This weekend was the event held at the Codman Estate in Lincoln. The weather was beautiful and the event was full of shoppers and supporters.

I happened to be perched on a little hill - just at the entrance to the historic Codman home nestled on the property -prime real estate. my case, there always seems to be a but...because of my location every gust of wind - as infrequent and refreshing as they were, attempted to relocate my tent several feet from its origin. And one succeeded - taking down my entire display with it. Lucky for me I had a slew of shoppers around my tables who wrestled my booth to the ground and helped me pick up every last bit of jewelry. And on top of that they made several purchases. I then stripped the tent of its walls which were acting as sails I was informed by one of my neighboring exhibitors. Makes sense - why didn't I think of that? I tried to rebuild but after a few more bouts with the wind I just laid everything flat on the table and hoped for the best. It didn't seem to deter anyone and all in all the day was a boon.

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