...And the Product is Jewelry.

In trying to incorporate some new colors into my jewelry (I've been told I'm a little heavy on the blues) I've also been experimenting with adding depth to my patterns. Weaving blacks and grays throughout the cane is a nice way to achieve this. Skinner blending is a process of combining two or more colors of polymer clay to create a gradient.  Rather than flat fields of color, the image in the cane takes on a new dimension. 

I've got to remind myself though as challenging as it is to introduce new palettes while developing canes to work with, it's as important to develop the product... and the product is jewelry. An interested party recently asked if I produced anything besides necklaces. I realized that I had been negligent in showing some of the belt buckles, bracelets and earrings that I create. So one last pendant showcase to show off the latest cane with some bright spring colors and over the next week I'm going concentrate on highlighting some of the other categories. 

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