So What - the Groundhog Saw His Shadow - Spring'll Get Here Eventually

I don't know about you but I'm not letting some hairy little rodent ruin my day. So he saw his shadow...wimp...wouldn't you think after all these years he'd get use to it? Or at least fit himself with a nice pair of sunglasses? Anyway, spring is bound to get here eventually.

Way back in September Pantone (the ultimate gods of color) forecast the color trends for the upcoming spring season. Taking its cue from our frail economy, they determined that fashion conscious consumers would supplement their existing wardrobes with pieces in these trend colors rather than replace what's currently hanging in their closet. Check out the entire report.

I have fun trying to work some of these combinations into my work. Jewelry's another smart way to update your look for spring while incorporating some of the forecasted colors into your wardrobe! Pin It

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