Everyone will Benefit

7. Study.

A studio is a place of study. Use the necessity of production as an excuse to study. Everyone will benefit.
- from the Incomplete Manifesto by Bruce Mau

I miss my studio very much. It's out there. Sitting in the corner of my yard. It used to be purple but now it's a more sedate tan. The interior walls are painted white. I don't like a lot of color on the walls if I'm working with a lot of color in my hands. It's waiting for me to come back. I try to work out there for as long as the season will permit. Unfortunately these cold New England winters don't permit much. I held out to about the first weekend in December with two space heaters cranking away. Since then, I've spread out on my dining room table, my coffee table, sometimes my kitchen counters... In the house there's many distractions, dog to walk, dishes to wash, laundry to fold...food to eat. Soon, I'll be back outside - everyone will benefit.

Over the weekend I had fun making a few heart pendants - even prettier in person they're available on Etsy.

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