Happy Weekend!

This afternoon I'm finishing up some packaging for an order of indie pendants that have to be delivered tomorrow and a few more that are going out in the mail. I received my packaging the other day and am very pleased with it. I used Overnight Prints for my materials and they did a great job. I've used them several times before for design clients and have always been happy. Their customer service department is excellent and you can't beat their prices. They deliver it when promised.

On any printed materials - unless you've specified a PMS (Pantone Matching Systems) color or are doing 4/C offset printing and getting a color proof ($$!) to ensure that the color you ordered is what you're getting you're never going to be absolutely certain of how your color will come out. What you see on your screen for instance is slightly different than what your inkjet printer might give you  - and a laser printer might deliver even different results. A CMYK printer is different than an RGB printer and so on down the line. The moral of the story is that I love my materials that I received from Overnight Prints but I think next time I'll lighten my entire color palette before I send my files. The colors are a tad darker than I would have preferred...but I'm not complaining really - I think they're terrific!

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