The Storm That Almost Wasn't

So yesterday brought the storm that almost wasn't. It was hyped as a huge knockout storm...planned on losing electricity...no school...the works. Last night at about 8:00 when everyone else was just about done with it...we got it. Not a lot though and I'm not complaining about that. Just enough to make it pretty...and a little bit inconvenient. Shoveling at 7:00am is never fun.

This morning I strung together some beads that I made with the cane I was working on the other day. I also put together a starfish pendant. This was the "beachy" idea I was playing around with. I love the color combination. It's not my usual style...a little cartoonish... but fun. I think it's a good thing to push yourself out of your comfort zone every once in a while.  

Picture this bracelet in July...on a tanned wrist...attached to tanned handing holding an ice cold Margarita...on the rocks...with salt...please.

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Glass Of Venice said...

Wow!i love this jewelery.It’s really nice look.