Here's to Jiminy Cricket!

I sometimes lose sight of what my priorities are. I get caught up in challenges and activities that take up more precious time than I can spare. Every creative should have at least one good friend who sees in black and white - someone to remind you of your goal - and to set you back on the path that you need to be on to complete the tasks necessary. Like a Jiminy Cricket. Thank God I have one and I saw her today.

So - I won't be completing those dangly earrings I so wanted to design by Monday (but I will do some eventually because I've got some really great ideas). And I probably won't be participating in the color challenge on the Art Bead Scene blog page (unless I can incorporate it into some of the work I really need to accomplish first). But I may still participate in the Monthly Challenge - heck, I've got the necklace done! Why not? I just have to take the photo - that I can squeeze in ( I think). And I may or may not (depending on the challenge word and what I have in my portfolio existing) participate in the Illustration Friday challenge. 

The challenge for me for the rest of this month of March is to get some work done. To follow my plan. Pin It

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Kathy said...

We all need one sane friend - to keep us company in our insanity! I am glad I have one too. Keep on cookin' - we love those beads!