ears to you

According to Tina Sutton who writes a weekly column for the Boston Globe Magazine called Fashion Snapshot, large dangling earrings are as hot as statement necklaces. Not to overdo it is the warning that should accompany these accessories. Just like makeup - if you play up the eyes go with a quiet shade for the lips or vice versa. If you're donning this new fashion statement in your ears - please don't pair them up with your brand new bib necklace. 

I accept the challenge. Ive been very busy lately - unfortunately more with life than with my business - but by the beginning of next week I'm going to (try real hard!) to design and produce a knock out pair of dangles. 

This is a pair I made about a year and a half ago. My style has evolved since then. I'll show you what I mean in about a week! Pin It

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