all in a days work

Well, after all that complaining yesterday I'm back. I was up very early today - around 4 - darn cat. I've been working on my website for most of the morning - in between seeing the girls off to school. I've added a favicon - which is the little icon that appears beside the url address at the top of your screen. I added some Meta Tags so hopefully some folks can find me easier if they're searching for me. I updated my analytics so that I can keep track of comings and goings. I'm still having some trouble which I know I can fix but I just have to let it go for the moment. I added a few shopping pages for the indie pendants, mini pendants and little crosses. They're a little off but they'll have to be off for a time until I can clear my head and tweak it . I'm really anxious to get back out to the studio again! Pin It

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