Ugh! I'm having a day! It's been one of those days where I have an arms length list of things I need to get done and up at the tippety top with stars beside it to update my website.  I've put everything else aside to do just that but I've gotten nowhere. I'm stumbling over every little thing. And then I think I should've just done all the things on my list cuz I wasted the time anyway...And I'm hearing tick-tock, tick-tock with every move I make - knowing that on the dot of 2:30 my youngest comes home...and then it is my duty to make a snack and listen intently to all the doings of the day, drive here and back at least 3 or 4 times, get some gifts for my oldest daughter who' turns 18 today. And then it's homework helper after supper which is after skating which is after track which is after CCD!! Whaa, whaa, whaaaa. Tomorrow's another day. Pin It

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