getting the message to facebook fans

At the moment, I'm running a little contest as an event on Facebook - 

The rules are simple - all you have to do is become  a fan if you're not already. Click attend. And if you'd like, mention this on your own page and invite your friends - totally optional however. And your name is entered into the running to win a gift from Boston Baked Beads. 

The trouble is - there's no capability to invite the "fans" of your page. One can only invite their own database of "friends". A lot of people join fan pages as a show of support - which is great. However, with some folks having databases of hundreds of friends - with daily posts coming in through the newsfeed in the same numbers - the posts from the fan page might get lost in the shuffle. It also depends on how your fans use Facebook. I personally check out the newsfeed every once in a while to keep updated on the latest goings on. My teens, on the other hand, visit individual pages and check out their friends' wall postings. 

Another option to get the message out to fans is to send a message. By clicking Edit Page - under the profile pic -  it gives you the option over on the right hand side of the page to "Send an Update to Fans" . This allows you to send a message to your fan database - and even lets you define some demographics such as age and gender and location. Is that too invasive, I wonder. I will eventually send a message regarding the contest so that fans won't miss out on the opportunity to win a mini-pendant from Boston Baked Beads but I'll use that option sparingly.

Some social media experts say to update your fans several times daily - I'm not sure if they really want to hear that much from me. I think there's a fine line between too much and too little. Not wanting to be a nuisance I'll try to stick with pertinent info. 

What do you think?

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