art in the park

I'm looking forward to my first outdoor craft/artisan showcase tomorrow. The weathermen have promised us a beautiful day - sunny, in the 70's. Perfect! My sister is manning the booth with me. And my mother will be joining us as well, in between visits to my aunt. Two of my daughters will pop in along with my husband - and maybe my 85 year old mother in law. It's going to be crowded in that booth! This event takes place in Charlestown, a gorgeous neighborhood in Boston known for its history as well as its strong community bond. Lots of my family live there so I'm hoping a few stop in to say hi during their busy Saturday routine. It's a gamble to commit to an outdoor show. Looks like it's paid off for me this time. Even if I sell not a single piece, it will be a great day to be outside enjoying this early autumn weather with good company. Pin It

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