prize winner

Bitter and disappointed 12 hours from now or satisfied and reassured, I wondered as my alarm sounded at 5:30 in the am Saturday morning. I headed off to "the Town" with my mother and sister in tow. After unloading I maneuvered my monster vehicle through the same narrow streets and cow paths that the Red Coats once stomped on. Foreshadowing?  - I found a great parking spot in minutes. The booth set up quickly thanks to my family. The foot traffic started off heavy and the pace was maintained throughout the day. If visitors weren't  necessarily in the market for my jewelry that day, they were more bubbling with wonderful feedback and compliments. And there were many who made purchases - renewing my faith in craft shows. And then – if the incredible weather and abundance of well wishers and shoppers wasn't enough - I was presented with an award from the Artists Group of Charlestown, the folks who organized the Art in the Park event. I received an honorable mention for this vibrant red and turquoise heart pendant. Satisfied and reassured...for sure. I couldn't have asked for a better day. My entire family came out and made the event a day to remember on this day that America will never forget.  Pin It

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