being resourceful

I enjoy making the jewelry but my real passion here is combining the rich vibrant colors of polymer clay to create the focal pieces themselves. I really get a "hoot" out of it when I find new materials to use in this pursuit. Whether a great cutting tool or findings that in a former life were washers, grommets, etc, I'm constantly trying to think out of the box, looking for new uses for familiar, sometimes overlooked candidates. This morning I headed to Lowes, one of my favorite haunts. Not to be outdone, Home Depot is equally as good - as are any of the gazillion mom and pop hardware stores out there. I picked up some new loot. I have a feeling it's going to lead to my latest obsession. Stay tuned... Pin It

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Chris said...

Hardware stores are AWESOME places to find new and unusual tidbits to include in jewelry...but I gotta say, as wonderful as they are, my favorites are NOT the folks in orange nor the folks in blue...I find the very best stuff at independent hardware stores!