it's a beautiful morning

Had a great weekend - knee deep in the craft showcase presented by the Duxbury Art Association. Here's my booth - I've got no back drop at the moment but I kind of like it with the collage up above it, yes? I'm tired today but it was so worth it. I met lots of terrific people and sold a lot of jewelry. I was in very good company - 69 other artisans - although I never really got to see anybody's wares except for my two neighbors - that's how busy it was. I hope I get to do it again next year. Actually that's not true - I was lucky enough at the end of the show to sneak down to Janice Arbanel (Naftali) and check out her beautiful creations. Pin It


Janice said...

Hi Lisa - thanks for coming down and introducing yourself. I found your blog and I'm so bummed I never saw your booth. Wow - what a fabulous space! Next time I do a show - you're hired!

Boston Baked Beads said...

Thanks Janice!