To buy or not to buy

You know, I just love this time of the year. The only trouble is - I wish it could be spread out over a few months. Like a child, I anticipate the coming of the holiday season with glee. There are parties to be had, swaps to be swapped, friends and family to visit, trunk shows in which to participate...and I want to do it all!   No wonder my eyes are crossed because I'm so exhausted! But - next month we'll all be wishing the excitement wasn't over, right? I use this same logic in the summer when I need an excuse to overindulge. 

I've been working with PMC. I've had a pack in my possession for some time and finally did what I planned to with it. I created some bezels for new "Indie Pendants". I'd run out of the bezels that I used to use - a sterling dipped copper disc. I felt like it was time to crank it up a notch and offer a more sophisticated version using silver instead anyway. When I went to have the pieces fired, I discovered my source is planning to close - moving to a studio setting instead of a shop. I think the forces of the universe are telling me to purchase my own kiln. Maybe I'll ask Santa.

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