craftboston 2011

I went to CraftBoston yesterday. What an incredible show. I was lucky enough to meet Kathleen Dustin. She is the "queen" of polymer clay ...to me anyway. She makes exquisite one of a kind handbags and jewelry. She was incredibly gracious and chatted with me for a moment or two, answering questions regarding the length of time it took to work on her handbags. She made the point that she has to work efficiently as possible - working on several projects at once. After all, her goal is to make a living from creating, producing and selling her work. I also stepped in  to the Ford and Forlano booth. Last year I gushed so badly when I met them. I didn't want to do that again so I just nodded hello and admired their interesting work. CraftBoston provides a venue for craftspeople to show their high quality creations and raise awareness of the dedication it takes to create such beautiful work. Speaking of work - I have been moving forward on some new pieces. Here's a quick glimpse of the the beads that I'll use to make a couple of new interlocking heart bracelets. Maybe one of these days I'll get them on Etsy...

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