hooray for the first day of summer vacation!

My cat is about 13 years old. I love her dearly but she can be a real pain in the rump. In the summer she likes to come in and snack on a little domestic cat food before she goes outside to terrorize the rabbits, birds, chipmunks and moles in the neighborhood. In the winter however she likes to come inside and walk around wailing  - perhaps a feline version of my constant complaining from the first drop in the temperature until mid May. She/I could drive anybody crazy. This past winter was an exceptionally long, snowy one in Massachusetts. My children are just today celebrating their first full day off  - the school year extended to make up for a healthy dose of snow days. I was spring cleaning today and I came across this illustration I had done. Obviously I must have had my fill of the stormy, cat wailing, snow shoveling mess. Now, come on all you animal lovers, be kind. It was just a passing phase. I really love my cat...and my dog...and my kids...and my husband. But maybe not as much in the dead of winter. What a difference a few months make. Pin It

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