polymer clay a.k.a. the misunderstood art form

A selection of "indiependants" using kaleidoscope beads.
She said: So, what do you hand paint of all of these?

I said: (paraphrasing) Most of Boston Baked Beads jewelry is created with “canes”. I make canes by methodically combining colors of clay to create a log that contains the same pattern throughout. I reduce the cane and slice it putting the pieces together like a puzzle to establish a pattern.  I apply the sheet of clay like a veneer. The pieces are baked in a conventional oven 'til they're cured. Then I sand and polish everything to a high sheen to come up with the finished work.

She said: Ok. And then do you hand paint of all of these? Pin It


Cara Jane said...

Sound very familiar. I made myself a board to show the steps in making a basic cane, it helps but I still don't think they always get it completely. I then just have to remind myself it's flattering that they think i could paint that well lol.

Boston Baked Beads said...

Me too Cara Jane! I use a "visual aid". But you are right - it's a nice compliment!