my adventures in NYC and the Project Accessory casting call

My Pit Crew & I in Times Square (I'm in purple)

Had a lovely day down at the Pinehills in Plymouth on Saturday. I met a lot of really great people. The weather was perfect. I'd love to do it again next year. My big adventure was yesterday. My very supportive pit crew and I decided to take the challenge and throw caution to the wind. We travelled all the way to NYC with the hope that I might get a shot at being considered a contestant on the Lifetime Network's new show Project Accessory. It was a long day but we had tons of laughs and lots of fun. I have a great group of friends.

This is how it went:
4am Rise & shine.
4:15 - Shower.
4:25 - Decide that my legs would better with spray tan.
4:26 - Spray tan legs in shower.
4:30 - Clean bottom of shower so husband won’t slip on spray tan juice and break legs.     Happy Father’s Day honey.
4:32 - Regret decision to apply spray tan.
4:33-5:00 - Not really quite sure what I did. Seems like I got nothing accomplished during this time. Possibly suffering from narcolepsy and am unaware of it. 
5:00 - Spray tan still soggy in spots. Decide I should try and wipe excess off.
5:01 - Regret trying to wipe excess off.
5:02 - 5:20: Get dressed, makeup, teeth brushed, hair done.
5:20 - Doorbell rings. First member of my Pit Crew arrives.
5:21 - Spray tan totally dry. Realize I now look like I have vitiligo.
5:22-5:45 - Run around in circles worrying what I possibly could have forgotten. Look at dirty house and consider why I am doing this anyway. Other two Pit Crew members arrive.
5:50 - Gassing it up at Exxon. Grabbing a little Dunkin’ Donuts for the long ride to CT.
6:00 - 8:40 - Non stop chatter.
9:00 - Board train at New Haven bound for Grand Central Station NYC
10:30 - Board shuttle to Times Square
11:00 - Admire sights and sounds of early morning NYC. Stroll down to the Yotel Hotel where casting call is being held.
11:20 - Arrive, check in. Number 38. Cha-ching! 
12:30pm - Given the option to get out of line, get lunch and return to spot in line after. 
1:30 - Return to line. Savor the experience of sitting on  a terrace in NYC, drinking a delicious bloody Mary, eating a yummy turkey & cheese on a baguette. Lots of laughs.
2:30 - Total sun exposure. Noise from the once chatty crowd inaudible. Wonder if the effects of dehydration are causing a mirage. No, I’m in NYC and yes, that really is a 45 year old man strutting down the street in leather briefs wearing some sort of S&M bra.
3:00 - Moved to the upstairs lobby of hotel. Wait some more. But now sitting. No sun.
3:30 - Alex, the screener announces that the judges have decided that unless you are an “idiot savant” who has the capability to design and construct in all of the categories, jewelry, shoes, handbags, belts, hats...and that you have samples with you to prove it that you would probably not be considered. Dang it, I can’t cobble!
3:40 - After a consolation interview with Alex, where I was applauded for being a mom, I was asked to leave my application and photo and invited to do this again for next season.
3:45 - 6:15 - Leave the Yotel. Head back up 10th Ave, my legs glowing in the late afternoon sun. Enjoy people watching as we walk through Times Square. Man with rat on head. Naked Cowboy. Stop at John’s Pizzeria. Junior’s Cheesecake. Stranger points out the star of the musical Memphis signing autographs. (This was totally wasted on me - I wouldn’t know him if I fell on him) Walk through Bryant Park. This I loved. Everyone was sitting around under the trees playing chess, enjoying music, eating dinner. 
6:30 - After stopping for drinks for the ride - we boarded the train in the knick of time. Tried to catch 40 winks - might have succeeded in grabbing 6. 
8:30 - 11:30 - Finally making the long drive home. Traffic. Clear. Traffic. Clear. My eyeballs feel like they are about to dry up and blow away. I am doing my best to stay awake - which is fairly important due to the fact that I’m the driver. Oops, did I just take the wrong turn off to take us down the last leg of our trip? On two wheels to boot? The one I have taken thousands of times? The delirium sets in. I get us back on course. We’re home in twenty minutes. We say our goodbyes. My passengers thank God they are still alive.
11:45 - My exhausted body lies in bed. Fresh pajamas shield my eyes from my legs. I’m pretty sure they’re glowing in the dark. I’ll shower tomorrow. As sleep starts to consume me I laugh a little at the long day’s adventure. Had a blast. Don’t regret a thing. I’d do it all again in a heartbeat.
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Anonymous said...

OMG ... too funny Lisa! If you don't get a jewelry show on Lifetime, perhaps they can pick you up as a comedy writer. I totally relate to the spray tan. I had a similar experience at a wedding. People didn't know if I had a skin condition or as my friend thought, it was some "artsy fartsy" thing I was trying out.

Sally Dean said...

I love the whole story Lisa- I am amazed at all you did- especially- spray tanning the shower?
seriously you are brilliant!