Lilac & Hunter Green

First, I noticed him. A quiet, sharply dressed young man in a hunter green jacket perusing my booth offerings. It's not often I get men taking more than just a glance at what I do so when it happens I'm fascinated. He looked for a bit, touching and turning things over thoughtfully. In a blur of high traffic, he was gone. 

From my vantage point, I watched her deliberate steps making a bee line for my booth. A petite little woman, she was wearing a tailored lilac coat and a colorful knit head band. She carried an adorable child who posed a challenge to my daughter and I as to whether or not she'd smile for us. I noticed the woman's accent immediately and was pleased that she was so receptive to my work. She studied all the pieces asking prices on a few. She had a particular fondness for a lilac and hunter green necklace. I shared that fondness - that being the very first elaborate piece of jewelry I had ever created. This was the necklace that I was so satisfied with that I used it as the image on my home page for a very long time. 

The hunter green jacket with the lilting brogue soon joined the tailored lilac coat to discuss the potential purchase of a piece of jewelry. Aha, they were together. I was so happy that it was a struggle for them to choose what to decide because this read to me that they liked many pieces. She chose an indie pendant with a scalloped edge, the focal point being the kaleidoscope cane of, guess what, purples & greens as a gift for someone. He in turn surprised her with the purchase of the long lilac and hunter green necklace that matched them both so perfectly. 

There are some pieces that you create and question whether or not you actually want to sell them or keep them selfishly to yourself. The long lilac & hunter green necklace was one of those pieces. I don't think it could've gone to a more suitable owner however. I just love when that stuff happens. Pin It

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