Newton Harvest Fair

Yesterday I participated in the Harvest Fair in Newton Centre. I pictured pumpkins & corn stalks but in reality I got asphalt and parking meters. But that was okay because as the gale winds whipped through my spot tucked neatly between a roofing materials supplier and a man running for some political office, I was happy for those parking meters as I tied my support ropes to them to keep my exhibit from blowing down Beacon Street. Actually, my daughter and I enjoyed the sights and sounds of downtown provided. And eagerly partook in the wares of some of the other vendors – like the Korean pancake, the chocolate covered marshmallows and the Kettle Korn. Having left my house a little after 7am it was very convenient to have a Dunkin Donuts right down the block for my caffeine needs (and ladies' room). My expectations weren't high for this show as I started the day, having expected more of a Martha Stewart like setting – afterall this was Newton. I was pleasantly surprised however. I made several sales, spoke to a lot of nice people and had a full belly by the end of the day. I consider that a win.

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