another business lost

Making a living as a craftsperson or an artisan is not an easy task - near impossible. During this holiday season let's all try to remember how important it is to support small local businesses - whether it be a creative individual or the local hardware store that's up against the giant orange mogul. There's nothing wrong with a mom and pop business. It's the foundation on which these conglomerates were built.

Sadly another small gallery has fallen prey to our faltering economy. Archer West Gallery in Quincy made a commitment to promote creative individuals, their products and services. After just 14 months this lovely gallery was forced to shut its doors. Not only does this adversely effect the owners Charlene Archer and Heather Gage West but its a direct hit to the 26 artists that they promoted. The city of Quincy also lost a unique women owned and run small business. Without the support of consumers these small businesses cannot survive. Pin It

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