overheard at the craft show

Daughter: Mom, I'm hungry.
Mom: Well, why don't you get something from that booth over there, like a muffin or something. 
Daughter: How about that big* loaf of bread...

*Big is the operative word here. This term is subjective. To a mom this might mean a large round loaf of rye bread costing about $4. To a 12 year old child this obviously means the loaf of bread that could very well be in the pages of Ripley's Believe it or Not. 

Craft show entry fee: $250
Large chocolate covered apple: $10
Lunch: $10
Raffle Tickets: $10
Purchases from neighboring crafters: $45
Humongous 8lb, 28" loaf of bread: $15
Look on Mom's face when the "bread winner" returned with her purchase: Priceless Pin It

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