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I've been invited to participate in an Artist-in Residence program tomorrow at the middle school of a neighboring town. During the 4 hour period I'm to demonstrate my craft to the children and answer questions. I've decided to put together a new cane. I haven't done a cane in a while and this is the perfect driver. The season for sun is upon us and that has determined my subject. My plan is to do a lot of the heavy lifting today - creating the "puzzle pieces". I'll assemble it in front of the kids in the morning. For a hands on touch I'm hoping they can crank a few turns with pasta machine to create my black border. By the end of the session I'll create some beads and a light switch plate to give the children an idea of how the cane can be utilized. Wish me luck!

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The Crazier Sister said...

Lots'a luck and post pics! I'd LOVE to see their faces as you show them how this works (not to mention *I'M* still learning how this works!)