Of Course, I'm Jealous

It was about 4 months ago that I trucked down to NYC to throw my hat in the ring to be a cast member of Project Accessory. Unfortunately - they threw it right back ...but it was a fun experience. Last night the show premiered on Lifetime. Far more interesting than Project Runway I think. The fact that the average age of the participants is 35 will stiffen the competition due to the experience that age brings with it. There's definitely some interesting characters.

If I had to pick the person with the best design aesthetic I'd say Diego Rocha. Second, I like Shea Curry's work. And can I just say that I find it hard to believe that Nicolina is only 30 years old. I could've sworn I she sat behind me at high school graduation. It was also interesting that many of the designers specialize in jewelry. Lots of Californians. And, Cotrice, I think you irked the judges by using only one name. I think you should make one up if you don't have one of our own, or borrow a friend's. Best looking male: David Grieco. Best looking female: Tie between Shea Curry and Nina Cortes. 

I'm looking forward to seeing more...but I still think they should've picked me to be on the show. Pin It

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JoJo said...

I think it would have been awesome to see polymer clay used on the show. So far it hasn't been used as a material. That would have been great for pc artists if you were chosen- they really dropped the ball by passing you up!:(