custom work

It happens on occasion. I'm asked to do some sort of commission. Recently I restrung a watch.  I made new beads of polymer and strung them on a watch face provided by the customer. That same customer came in the other day and asked if I could create a new necklace out of some interesting ceramic beads that she bought at an antique store. What, no polymer? I was in a little quandary. I don't consider myself a beader, although I do happen to make beads. I posed the question to myself: Do I decline the work - abandoning my poor customer in her quest to deliver a unique gift to her adult niece - or do I take it on. As quickly as that debate started in my head it quickly ended as I was reminded that I do actually run a business. I pride myself on customer service. I try to help out my clients as best I can. And who am I kidding  - I get paid to do it. So here it is - the finished piece, complete with an accompanying bracelet. It was really a matter of restringing the existing necklace to fit the request. Maybe next time I can add a big polymer clay pendant or something! Hope she's happy with it. Pin It

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JoJo said...

I bet she'll love it. You did it perfectly